I have a penchant for writing commentary on my own words. It helps me to describe the intent of the words. The opening paragraph on the main page has substantial meaning, which I describe here. Each section is quoted, then followed by commentary.

Since it is not possible to gather all of the knowledge available with current human capabilities

The fact implied by this, that it is not possible to gather all available knowledge with current capabilities, is obvious. This inability is the reason for the existence of the Pattern and Principles work.

we look to

This is not meant to express an imperative, neither is it meant to state a simple fact. It is said in a prophetic sense, not simply saying that we look to patterns and principles, but saying that it is inevitable that we look to patterns and principles, because it is what we are; the way we are designed causes us to seek knowledge even when it is not readily available.

patterns and principles

This is the title of the work, and its purpose. The work is based on observation of principles and discovery of patterns. The purpose of the work is to find patterns and principles and to know how to use them to derive knowledge. Consider the following explanation: Condition A exists initially. Condition B is added to circumstances of Condition A. The result is that the circumstances evolve into a state which includes Condition C. This pattern is observed in a set of phenomena in the domain of physics. A similar pattern, comparable by analogy, exists in a different domain, such as chemistry, human nature, or law. Under what conditions would an analogous Condition B being added to the circumstances of an analogous Condition A result in an analogous Condition C in the other domain? It is the goal of this work to clarify that matter. I have seen patterns and principles that appear to operate across different domains of study. Under the assumption that this existence was created by an intelligent Being, it may be reasonable to conclude that this Being's nature is expressed in a similar fashion among many dissimilar types of phenomena which are subject to our study. I tend to conclude that the simplest patterns and principles describing the nature of the universe are expressed by the flowing of water downhill. I have long been fascinated by, and have enjoyed watching, the flowing of water downhill.

in order to infer the knowledge

The purpose is to be able to infer, with some certainty, what might be expected to exist or occur in areas we do not see, based on what does exist and occur in areas we do see.

we are not able to gather directly through observation.

The purpose of the work is not to produce a primary method of learning. The primary method should continue to be direct observation. The principles of the work are meant to be applied only when we are not able to make observations required to gather knowledge directly. The indirect gathering of knowledge through inference is already an established practice of science in regard to situations which cannot be observed. The purpose of this work is to expand our capability to engage in that practice, and to establish the practice in areas other than science.

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